Skyrim Parodies: Stealth Attack (Teaser #3) (x)

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nice afternoon in solitude

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Woodstock, 1969

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i s2g whenever maria doyle kennedy opens her mouth it’s either to give us a profound tidbit of articulate wisdom or to say something completely inappropriate and hilarious there is no in between

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'Women Who Kick Ass' Panel at SDCC 2014 (x)

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Reasons why I’m excited for “Dear White People:”

  • Black actors portraying 3-dimensional characters
  • Honest social commentary
  • Targeted to the college age demographic
  • Thorough exploration of the various forms of racism in America
  • Tessa Thompson’s voice and Tyler William’s afro wig

Reasons why I’m not excited for “Dear White People:”

  • White people calling it racist
  • Mainstream media agreeing with the white people calling it racist
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when beth was looking for clones in the police systems, she found sarah there. but when she tried to track her down, she couldn’t find her (because she was MIA doing fuck knows what). but beth obvi saw mrs. s’ address and then quickly discovered that SARAH HAD A CHILD. omg wow. beth knew about kira. beth chose to not bring sarah into clone club for fear of dyad or the assassin finding kira through them. BETH PROTECTOR OF ALL, SAVIOUR OF ALL.

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Alice Pieszecki (season 1)

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